Monday, July 6, 2009

Thoughts on Waiting

I wrote this poem whilst sitting at Holiday Park lake in Cheyenne. Something about the landscape and air of Cheyenne really gets to me. Obviously. Enjoy!


The air seems cleaner here
As if it's easier to breathe
More oxygen-rich and shining
All the better for seeing
Clouds stand out sharp
Against stark cerulean
Like they have been etched there
Swimming placid in sky's lake
People even seem to almost wade
Strolling content and quiet
Soft and fun

The kids playing, shush each other
After a yelp, cry, or scream
Like the world has finally shut up
So you can listen
Listen to words and wings
Wind and everything else
The sparse cars and trucks
White noise here
Easily ignored

Everyone here is waiting
Patient and calm
For something to happen
A miracle
Bright sudden burst
Small happening
Or just a fun time
They are waiting
With so much
And nothing to do

And so, it appears, am I
For a shift
A change, nudge, bump
Over and into who-knows-what
Hopefully something amazing
A time fabulous and green
Quaking and shuddering
Pure unadulterated excitement
Like a fucking explosion
Moments pure and without worry
Laughter plus dancing
Twirling and spinning
Never ill
Never wanting or wasting
Never alone

I am waiting...