Sunday, October 25, 2009

Thoughts on "The Legend's in the Telling"

This is amazing.

The Legend's in the Telling

The Legend’s in the Telling

An I am Legend Rap by Timothy Beebe and Kevin Shay

(In the style of Will Smith)

(INTRO) Woo! Uh ha ha! Say what a say ha! Yeah! Woo! Say what what a say ha! Ha ha! (X2)

This ain’t the Willenium
It’s the Willpocalypse
And I was left behind
To fix and stop all a dis

With my faithful dog, Sam
Wading through the detritus
Of destruction and mayhem
Cause of a super wack virus

Get the low down
Don’t go out in the night
Or get yo’ ass underground
It’s also safe in the light

I know I’m just wishing
I had powers like Hancock
Lee Jones at my side
Or Hayek in her frock

And I don’t have the gadgets
Like I did in M-I-B
And Heston might be tough
But he ain’t got nothin’ on me

Most times in my lab
I just think and just sit
Nobody to hold
No one to get jiggy wit’

And I am a legend
But not like Bagger Vance
Doomed to walk alone
Not a paid gig, just freelance
And I may not be Hellsing
Or Summers or Blake
But I can take ‘em on
Without a cross or a stake

I’ve been upgraded prom prince
I’m like the king of this place
From Bel Air to New York
Y’all will remember this face

Now Bob is in the thick of it
Taming the East
Doctor Neville will triumph
Over these superfluous beasts

A scientist like Goldblum
And I’m reversing this race
Got to have independence
Y’all we need to save face

This president can’t be Paxton
Cause I don’t see no help
No one’s comin’ for me
I got to do this myself

In pursuit of some happiness
Wish Lawrence was with me
With two ragin’ bad boys
We would own up on this city

Yet my name’s not Muhammed
And I don’t gain to profit
I might have to burn it down
Gas and a spark lit


There’s no more Miami
In the summertime
But we will overcome
Believe just that one line

So if you hear me
From somewhere out there
I’m trying to help
Now please swallow that fear

Now that I’m a parent
I can understand
The need to fight the night
Draw a line in the sand

So to finally conclude
I, Doctor am just it
No cavalry of soldiers
A dog, gun and my own wit

As a sole survivor
Sure I’m in high demand
And not even Jazzy
Is here to lend a hand (echoes…)

Stay real, New York

Don’t worry

Daddy’s got you



Friday, October 23, 2009

Thoughts on "Brain"

Ugh. This is about my silly brain. Ugh.



A brain
A brain of almost unlimited capacity
Retention and reaction and rhyme
Of stunning realizations and hypotheses
It tries so hard to figure it all out
Wondering and dissecting
Pulling, tearing into what shouldn’t be
Holding back rarely
Probing into vast fields of pretty scary shit
Linking and tying the unrelated
Not even seeking the outside opinion

The rational mostly

Yet undecided and ridiculous
Not willing to attempt to bring itself
To the conclusion that is true and just
In constant miscommunication with the world outside



It’s should-be partner the heart

Oh how this muscle shakes its non-existent head
Feeling sorry for such wanton disregard
For feeling
For basic emotion and need
No thank you, says the heart
I prefer to let it into me
Instead of keeping it out
Silly gray matter

They cannot agree on their own
So they must be made to
Forcefully, but gently and lovingly
Heart, meet head
There needs to be a middle ground here
That area is me
When I speak or touch
I need both of you
The push and pull
Like the tides, but inside
Where an unbalance could cause
Too much damage
And has
And probably will again

So trust
Work together and never against
And you won’t kill me