Saturday, March 19, 2011


Seventeen signs of life
Found on a carbon-rich asteroid

Which one of them
Is the one which/who will prove
Once and for all that we are
Alone/not alone?

When is the news report going to happen
Between 2 1/2 Men
And Dancing With the Stars?
That 80% of the people watching
"Ugh. Science news. What else is on?"
Will turn from and ignore?

2% left will be excited
In the name of science

8% will post on Twitter
About the power of god's will

9% won't understand the ramifications

And only 1%
Hundreds maybe
Will feel their lives changed
Kids deciding to be physicists or astronauts
Or zealots fighting with signs and bile
Against science and logic and fact

These beings will not think
Will not be truly sentient
The ones in the asteroid
Unaware of what they are doing to us
Standing no trial for disrupting the peace
They simply will be
They won't