Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Thoughts on "From Their Eyes"

If a car full of drunk people was going much too fast down a dirt road and crashed into the forest bordering that road...what would a tree feel, think, and do?

From Their Eyes

From Their Eyes

I have been here for hundreds of years
My arms reaching to the sky
Swaying lightly or fast
As the wind sees fit
Soaking in light and water and waste
Allowing you to breathe
To exist, write, eat, feel, think
I have a limited vision, for my eyes don’t turn

But the things I feel

What vibrations come up my roots!
While the tires bang carelessly upon the road
Their beat and rubber and metal and plastic
Spinning off careening into me and my sisters
My whole family
The wreckage seeps toxic smoke
The vehicles blood saturates the soil
Which we then absorb
We can’t stop
Can’t help bringing in the bad AND good

While it slowly becomes one with my landscape
Its body
Its passengers
Its soul and gears and heart
I hurt
I burn and twist
I grumble
I vomit and sag and begin to die

When they flew through my house
Much too fast
Did they know me?
Did they feel or see me?
Did they care?

When they crashed
Did they know they were going
To kill me as well?

When they died
Did they apologize?
Did they, in their last moments
Look at me
And beg for forgiveness from both God AND me?

I don’t think they did
They saw their noses
And now they see no more

I stoop
My sister attempts to catch me
But it is too late
I fall
We all fall

And at the very end
I forgive them
I forgive God
I forget and gaze upon my wife
Still tall and beautiful and alive
I tell her I love her
Say thank you
Then good bye
And I die

Thoughts on "Time After Time"

It's anyone's guess what's going on here. This is from a couple years ago. I just found it, edited it a bunch, then posted it. I seem to be struggling in this poem.

Time After Time

Time After Time

Madam, where you stand
Is shaky ground
I will not be rushed
For I do not yet
Truly know my own heart
It will take
As many suns and moons
As it has to
Until I am ready

30,000 may pass
Maybe more
But I cannot say “yes”
If it is not the only word
In my heart and mind

Slow, be patient and do not
But love me
For I love you
But am beginning to know myself
And am not sure
If who I will be
Is going to love you as well

Trust that you are fine to me
Your words sweet and wonderful

But you want time

I, however

Need it

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Thoughts on "...Flames"

We were told to pick to words and make a poem out of them. This is it! I like how it turned out. Whenever I want to be funny in a poem, I have the tendency to be silly before being clever. I actually worry about it a lot, but I think I did well in this poem. What do you think?

How to make a bridge out of flames

How To Make A Bridge Out Of Flames

First head down to Castro
In “The City”
Find some!
Ask if they would like to be
A bridge
It is that easy
Sure, some may resist
Others will agree
Probably most
So you get them all slathered in
Tied together with steel cables
And by gum
You will have yourself a bridge

Or maybe a bit more literal
Build a bridge
Light it on fire
Then lay it over a creek or something



A steady burn can be fought
But a blaze usually never stops
Until it has burned
When you turn back in life,
Did you leave your bridges
A bit on fire?
A lot on fire?
You should check that
You may have to go
Back over that bridge some day

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Thoughts on 5 AM

For this prompt we were told to combine 2 memories. I didn't do that. I wrote about a lake instead. So there!

5 AM (Also from poetry class)

5 AM

The water and sky meet
Not like the ocean
Horizon touching sun
At this lake
5 AM
There are 2 worlds
One we see
Shining and doing
What it always does
The other
Seems to be a mirror reflected
On calm green placid
Before boats
Stake their claim
It’s almost the world
But not quite

It is, both at once
A pale imitation
And supreme improvement
In a way more dull
Confusing and awe-inspiring
Stimulating and a little scary

Like remembering a fantasy
Maybe a moment rising
The soaring
Loop-the-loop ecstasy
That churns organs
Dropping and skipping
Swimming blurred vision
Over over again

I could gaze at this lake
For hours
And it would let me
Saying nothing but how
All is right
In both worlds

Friday, March 12, 2010

Thoughts on Poems from Poetry class

These are from class. Enjoy!

Poems from my Poetry class


A shivering cool
Window open, frost and snow
Under four blankets

Chirp and squeak, bubble
Cold run off swims and bright baths
The sun comes again

Trudge blazing sweating
Frisbee played amidst the best
My freckles explode

The silence before
Sleep takes over, dull, but sweet
Moving from into

How to Speak To Your Garden Variety Visiting (Not Invading) Extra Terrestrial Being Capable of Understanding English or Other Forms of Earthen Language

The first thing to do, as with any guest, is offer them something to eat
Unless you’re worried YOU may be a potential choice
Then simply offer them water, or maybe a diet coke
You know, something safe and slightly non-committal

Do ask them where they are from
What the weather is like
The composition of their atmosphere
What the opposite sex or sexes from their planet are like
As pertains to their preference

You might ask what they want to know about Earth
Unless they have studied us for some time
Then you can leave that question out
If they tell you something you don’t like, keep it to yourself
Nod and agree with everything they say
You can complain to your friends later

Do tell them that the feature that stands out the most looks simply elegant
Ask who does their tentacles, and compliment their shape
And how long they are
Let them know that you think four arms is the only way to go
And of course you’d be happier with a dorsal horn

Do NOT tell them you come in peace
Tell them you come in cars or bicycles
You know, the classic ice-breaker joke
If they are as smart as they should be
They’ll appreciate it

Accept a tour of their ship
But not a ride
Unless it’s a joy ride

Make sure to inquire as to the Ph balance
Of any drink they might offer
But make it sound like a question of interest
You don’t want to offend

If they compliment any Earth technology
Walk softly
It’s hard to tell if an alien is being sarcastic
But if it seems like they’re not
Wave a hand, and tell them it’s not that great
Say it must be much less advanced than what they have

Finally, say farewell in the manner they do
No matter how uncomfortable
It may make certain sensitive areas of your body
Wave, smile and wish them a safe trip
Come back soon!
Don’t forget to write!
And you’ll finally be off the hook

My Green Hoodie:

My green Malibu hoodie
Is gone
Forever somewhere else
Lost in time
Perhaps sucked into a portal
Now worn
Enjoyed and loved
By some alternate-Earth Kevin
With perfect eyesight
A bit shorter
Without a sister
Actually done with college

My hoodie
Was a blanket of sorts
Toasty and protective
Shimmering armor
Great for battling Tucson winters
Never even close
To acceptable
For a Wyoming Spring

This hoodie
Stolen from Wal-Mart
In youthful destruction
Never regretted
A perfect pilfered prize

At times
With cigarette and pot smoke
The scent of a woman
Man, both
Or sweat and beer

My hoodie was debated upon
Hated occasionally
“Take it off!”
“Throw it away!”
Ripped and faded
Multiple thumb holes
Destroyed and re-made

My hoodie meant
And now not much at all
I have a new one
Have had others
Will have more
But that fucking hoodie
Was one in a million