Sunday, September 27, 2009



I look into my coffee
My cream
My sugar
And I want to be sick

I look into my bag
By books
My pencils
And I want to just quit

I look into my room
My dresser
My computer
And I want to leave

I look into my classes
My peers
My unpreparedness
And I do want to try harder

I look into my pockets
My cigarettes
My cell phone
And I want to receive a phone call

I look into my car
My iPod
My tire iron
And I want to go get ice cream

I look into my desk
My extra cords
My backup discs
And I want to go to sleep

I look into my mouth
My teeth
My tongue
And I want to sing!

I look into my notebook
My poetry
My journals
My prose!
My doodles!

…And I want to find a bonfire

I look into your eyes
My lust
My rage
And I want to sob uncontrollably

I look into your hands
My warmth
My stinging face
And I want to buy a puppy

I look into your home
My table
My mistakes
And I want to have a cigarette

I look into you
My fuel
My lightning
And I want to BE inside you

I look…

I look into my own heart
My desire
My hope
And I want to scream

I look into my own mind
My thoughts
My fucking thoughts
And I’m bored


  1. great crap i love this keving... really, REALLY lovely!

  2. You wrote this awhile ago but I'm fond of it. 20XP in Awesome Life Points. Cannot be redeemed for cash. -Rose