Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I Linger

I linger

I linger

I linger far longer than is necessary

I linger perchance to catch sight

Of milky thigh and calf
Of sinuous and sensual hands
Of ice blue eyes, ladybug freckles, full lips
Of laughter at what I say

Of closeness when you can touch
Of deep words when you can speak
Of knowing looks when you see
Of shared scents when you can smell
And sweet textures when you can taste

I don’t know from one moment to the next
When your senses
Will decide to work for me
When they will open themselves up
And let me in
Or close shut like reinforced lead gates
Trapping me outside
Yes where there is sun, moon, stars
Wind, water, earth
Gaiety, mirth, love

It encompasses me and fills me up
I welcome it and am uplifted
Showered with all life offers

But I enjoy it alone

I revel in it, eyes sparkling
Reflecting the fireworks back at themselves
Turning over every experience
Like a new and exciting taste
Feeling the cracks in the world
Prying them apart, diving in
Cold rush of frigid water of release
Deep jungle unexplored, hacking through
Exotic and fresh and boisterous
I turn to include you in the wonder

You’re not there
I know you’re not
Knew you wouldn’t be
Know you may never be

But the land rover
Space ship
Air plane
Speed boat
Old sedan
New sedan
Hang glider
Bob sled
Is built for two

As much as I can drive alone
Find my way
Make it to the other side
I need someone to navigate this life with
To point out what I miss
To change with me
So I may do the same

The impression in the seat
Is yours
It will never flatten out
No matter how many miles
I put on it, on myself

It is absolutely, completely and ridiculously

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