Monday, June 22, 2009

The first posted poem!

Beneath the beautiful sky

There’s a constant swirl
Cascading down as waterfalls may
Churning and frothing
Birds that look like leaves
Take flight suddenly, startling
Leaving the trees bare
A camera pans
I sit beneath this oak or beech
It doesn’t really matter which
Only momentarily disturbed by their flight
I stretch
The sun now fully warming
But blinding
Bright and scorching
Too hot and too close
I don’t burn
Burning needs skin
And I’ve become part of the tree now
Coalesced, commingled, and blended
That swirl from before
Do you remember
I hope so, love
Since you left me here
Beneath the beautiful sky
The cottony boisterous clouds
Shining their false lining
The perm grass, satin and deep
Birds lighting again, returning
As if they protect me
From the pull
The pull of the future
The endless turquoise blank
A canvas, more cerulean now
Dashed pink
An array of roses and oranges
Pushing back, letting go of dusk
Night makes a quick dissolve
The screen of day changing
The world cools
More welcoming, less harsh glare
But I don’t pull myself from the roots
I remain, but it’s still not right
I’m not at home here either
Since you left me
Beneath the beautiful sky

1 comment:

  1. Really enjoyed this poem, Kevin. The wording is amazing and it flows very well. Keep it up.