Monday, June 22, 2009

The second poem!

To Wake, To Want

My eyes
Soft, weak globules that they are
Might not be altogether incapable
Of processing
The endless
The amaranthine
The half-staggering splendor
That is the sky.
It is why I love it
For I can’t understand
Can’t comprehend it
At sunset
How shockingly rose and royal
Cling like shipwrecked survivors
To the bottoms of boat-shaped clouds
How tangerine and titian
Dance, crash, tumble and spin
Swirling, a buttercup medley cascading out
How birds find their perfect backdrop
Their scenery so well established
Natural, yet ephemeral, changing
I am jealous of them
To be so close
To absorb into soft
Marshmallowy pillows
Or grumpy thunderheads
Glaring menace
Long feathery and faint, wisps
The sky must be a happy home
Hearth and armchair provided
A warm duplex shared with only oneself
To drink in
To delight in
To bask and be so snug
The sun a friend
Keeping watch and never tiring
Wanting only your safety and health
So far, so touchable
It’s where we’ll have our fun
Swooping between, like lush fields of silver
Buoyant and forever
Oh, to live in the sky

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