Sunday, March 14, 2010

5 AM (Also from poetry class)

5 AM

The water and sky meet
Not like the ocean
Horizon touching sun
At this lake
5 AM
There are 2 worlds
One we see
Shining and doing
What it always does
The other
Seems to be a mirror reflected
On calm green placid
Before boats
Stake their claim
It’s almost the world
But not quite

It is, both at once
A pale imitation
And supreme improvement
In a way more dull
Confusing and awe-inspiring
Stimulating and a little scary

Like remembering a fantasy
Maybe a moment rising
The soaring
Loop-the-loop ecstasy
That churns organs
Dropping and skipping
Swimming blurred vision
Over over again

I could gaze at this lake
For hours
And it would let me
Saying nothing but how
All is right
In both worlds

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